Only 2 sticks for the IV. The second one he was like I don’t know if I am in or now your veins twist, he said it was tense then it loosened up I guess you took a deep breath, no I praised God for that stick before I knew it was good and He opened that vein up. It was a 10 minute search for that vein!

I want to thank ya’ll. The prayers were felt, the texts of prayers and Bible verses all seemed to come at just the right time. The scan is done. The boys were blessed with gift cards to a toy store here so we just left there and heading home. We were blessed with a dinner so we will stop along the way and eat closer to home.

Thank you for praying for Brad and the boys, they didn’t do much lots of unrest and boarded up places busted windows on shops and stores and that’s just a conversation we aren’t ready to have with them on top of this. So no ocean this time, maybe next tile I have to head back things will be different.

Dr. Judge from the first visit said about me signing up for MyChart but I never got the email and I know My God meant that to happen. I got it today and signed up, and read his notes, and I wasn’t in a place at that tile to handle what they said. Even now I have it repeating in my head. But I won’t let satan steal the joy that God has given me. He protected us, when my mind wandered He sent friends, during the scan I just kept saying His name when I felt it get to overwhelming.

I’m super radioactive so I can’t hug the boys or Brad and have to flush the toilet 3 times which makes me chuckle!

God is so good… results should be in tomorrow but He is already there.

Thank you, truly thank you for your prayers and walking with me on this journey!

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