Some results are in, and some will be discussed more in depth at the end of the month at another appointment thankfully we can do it via virtual so I wont have to travel right now to Charleston. There is no Amyloid in my heart right now, but my heart is in congestive heart failure (same as my dad had before Amyloid hit). I do have Amyloid attacking my nerves (same as he thinks my dad had) where my hands and legs and feet fall asleep because there are being hit with sticky protein, he is sending me to a neurologist in his area that treats FAP, which is Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy. Not sure right now when I will see her, but will be soon again with Covid is makes it harder and this will have to be an in office appointment. They also noticed that I have multilevel degenerated spinal issues, and other things with Amyloid which he all go a sudden changed from email to an office appointment (virtual) so I know some and others I am waiting to hear what it means. Dr. Judge will stay my dr as I will need scans to see when it hits my heart, medically that will happen. I say medically because I know a God that can change the course of anything. When he changes the forum my mind likes to wonder he was ok with email but now wants an conference call. So I am praying that I can stay focused on now.

I lived in SC and my dad was in PA so his earlier symptoms I wasn’t there for. In talking with my stepmom last night, she confirmed what Dr. Judge was already thinking that this is the same path my dad took. She said that my dad would have numbs hands, and then it went to his legs and feet, and he started to fall, all this was before they even suspected Amyloid. So a blessing in a way that he opened this door, because I am way ahead of the game. My legs and hands fall asleep often, but I have not had any falling at this time. We have a pool and we have the normal deck ladder, but are trying to look into steps because it will be much easier for me. Which I have mixed thoughts on, are we really going to be making adjustments already to accommodate these issues.

So thats where I am right now. Waiting, making plans, memories, and enjoying the days that God has given me. The boys know that I am sick, and will need treatment, but thats the extent. Hopefully our next trip to Charleston we can see more, but they loved the Toy store heck I loved it!

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