Monday is the neurologist appointment, and my gosh they have called about 4 times to get me ready for it. Today was rough for my boys. The feeling in my legs comes and goes, and today I was more unstable then I have been and Bradley who is always so in tune with me was all on it. It happened twice where I almost fell, and I actually put a movie on and took a nap on the sofa. The boys haven’t watched TV probably since the quarantine started we have always been doing stuff, but today I was just exhausted. They are outside playing and Bradley keeps checking in to make sure I am ok on the sly. Prayers for my sweet boys, I hate that more then anything Amyloidosis is even touching them. I am praying the neurologist can come up with somethingfor me Monday. I am also praying its not raining so I can send the boys outside to play while I do the call, and not have 4 ears listening. I am on my way to peace I am at the stage where I am like whatever, and then I usually have a breakthrough I like to call it my resting place. Looks like a storm is about to roll through and God knows I love me a good thunderstorm! Praying for a restful weekend, stable legs, and memories to be made!

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