Tomorrow is Father’s Day, and while I am an Amazon girl through and through there are some things you just need to see. The boys and I went to Hobby Lobby and Walmart, and I feel like death. My legs in walmart I was almost in tears I could barely feel them, and yet they felt like blocks of cement. 2 stores! With a nice ride in between them, I am so frustrated with my body right now, and right on time God sends me a thunderstorm, makes me feel like He is saying He is hurting with me. I am only 42 years old and can’t seem to do 2 stores, what will a year down the road look like, 2 years, I am a person who likes to be on the go, with this lockdown I settled a lot, and I like it, but I still want to be able to go when I need to.

I am just super frustrated right now. I am praying that Monday brings some change, I am praying that this was just today and not a new normal for me because I dont know if I can handle that! The boys had a blast doing crafts for their daddy today, and Bradley said he wishes he was older so he could run in the store for me. I have some pretty sweet little boys, and amazing friends! I am ever so thankful for them reaching out at just the perfect times. Its amazing when your in a valley that some friends just don’t walk it with you. But I’m reminded that Amyloidosis might just be too hard for them… Seasons, I am reminded that everything in seasons….I am not a fan of change as you can tell. Thankful for the thunderstorm, then I dont have to say no to the boys when they want to do the pool, I dont know if my legs could do the ladder today. He always knows what we need, doesnt He?!?! Onward we go…..

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