What a wonderful God we serve! The past few days have been rough, little sleep and just pain in my legs and hands, Saturday I swelled up so bad I though I was going to burst, and that night sleep just wouldn’t stay. Sunday was church, and honestly I just wanted to crawl in my seat and just stay there, and I am so thankful that God has much better plans then I do. I talked to people, hugged friends, and was blessed BEFORE the service even started, and was incredibly blessed during the service. God knew where I was, and He knew just what I needed to keep pressing on. I honestly could not do this without Him. Tomorrow my sister comes down, and it looks a little different, I am always the one to pick her up at the airport, but Lucy will this time because I have a video call with Dr. Judge, to get the rest of the answers on the scan, and see about what his thoughts were on Dr. R’s treatment plan for FAP. I am calm about it, I know that God is already there, and He carried me so high yesterday what is there to worry about. If anything I worry about them pulling up and Willow barking like Cujo! Ha! These video calls don’t have a mute button, so I think I will take it in the bedroom and have the door closed to muffle her if they pull up. I am so thankful for yesterday, it renewed my soul! It’s so wonderful to serve a God that cares for even the smallest of things! I am so thankful that even when I feel alone, I know He walks right beside me, and hurts when I hurt. I pray that God uses this, and that I am a light for Him during it all.

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