Hills and Valleys. Yesterday I got a phone call from MUSC that I need to have a covid test before I can go to my appointment on the 28th. Yes please let me stick a long qtip up my nose in 275 degree weather in a parking lot so I can drive 3 hours to get needles poked into my muscles and shocked to measure the damage that is done, because why not! (Instert extreme sarcasm here). Yesterday I was just done, ready to call it quits and just let Amyloidosis run its course. Obviously my 2 year old tantrum self got over it and I will be nose swabbing myself tomorrow, pray it doesnt hurt, pray I am not a wimp, and pray I am negative and can go ahead with the test. I will ask for prayers for that test later, sore for a week doesnt sound like it will be a fun test to have.

So today I get an email about a clinical study I had emailed weeks ago, that I had forgot about. I sent the email and said that if God wants it He will open a way. So I called and emailed and left it alone. Dr. Benson who I talked to back in April about Amyloidosis but he couldnt do much his office was shut down, he is in Indiana, is participating in the study! So I emailed him and he got right back to me, and put me in links to the one who is over it, I have left her a message she is probably gone already its Friday at 5, so I should hear back Monday , I am hoping. The trial is in phase 3 meaning its ready almost for the FDA, there is no placebo which means everyone is getting the medicine. It would be free to me, even travel cost, hotels and meals would be covered. I am sure there will be some traveling to Indiana. That’s all I know right now, I am hoping this works out, it would be a HUGE burden off of me and the family if it happens. We are already paying a crazy amount for this test on the 28th. I could use prayers that God’s will is done, the catch to get int the study is you can’t have started any medicine yet which I haven’t but once I start I won’t qualify for. So my mind goes to is this why God has me in the waiting room? I ask you to pray for God’s will and not just the study because I am trying to pray for His will but He knows me and knows that a part of my heart is adding a clause that I would love this trial. I am a work in progress for sure!

Low carb life has been pretty good so far, its a whole new feeling of I am not just eating to lose weight but to help my life, which as I am tying it its all the same isnt it? I guess whatever works to get me where I need to be. Tonight I am trying stuffed peppers, we will see, those that know me know that I am as plain as they come, chicken and bread work for me, lol! They smell good and the boys are excited to try them.

Hills and valleys….

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