Today has been a day for sure! There was still no results from the CVS covid test and MUSC called today to say that I can not come without one. Thankful Kristine found a place in Gastonia that does rapid testing. I went there this morning at 8:50 and was seen at 2:15 and I am negative and a go for tomorrow for the nerve testing. Please be in prayer because I am told this is painful and will be sore for about a week. If I do the trial or the Tegsedi both need this test done. My legs have been hurting a lot more lately and I have noticed that when my legs are on fire my stomach wants to match, food and I are not friends, and with driving 3 hours it always worries me. I know that God was in control all day today, with Kristine finding the place, to getting in, and when I got back there the nurse said that at that time are usually out of the rapid tests by then, I said it was all God. So not only do my boys see God working but they see credit being given to Him that one day when faced with that situation will do the same. I am ready to move forward, onward we go!!!!

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