Thank you for your prayers! The same God that shut the mouths of the lions was with me, the same God that parted the Red Sea was with me today. Every shock, every needle I felt His presence. I also got to witness how great He is, I am sure the tech I had at first was not a believer when she said those religious people, lol! I prayed and just let God work in our conversation. Please pray for her her name is Roxeann.. I would be lying if I said it didn’t hurt, physically and emotionally to hear at 42 your nerves are shot. To be at doctors talking about Amyloidosis, talking about my dad and his journey. The fear that creeps into my heart. We are on the way home and God knew I needed some talking from Him so He sent me a wonderful thunderstorm with awesome lighting. I am in some pain but was to be expected. Where this journey goes from here I have left it in Gods hands and will follow the doors that He opens. I pray that God uses me, and this. 💜💜 Appreciate the prayers so much!!

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