I have been having trouble with my right eye especially where it just goes blurry and even just goes out for a bit. Even with glasses/contacts in I can no longer see fine details like I once could. My eye dr saw tiny aneurysms in my right eye and a few in my left, so she sent me to a Retina Specialist. Brad was off last week so he took me and waited in the car, what I thought would be a quick appointment turned into 2 hours.

They wanted to do a dye test to see the blood flow and of course my veins did their thing and it took 3 sticks and tons of moving that needle around to get it in. I saw lots of veins light up on the picture and I thought that was good, but apparently thats damage. My eyes are failing me, from the diabetes and now adding the Amyloidosis on it, its too much. I go back in 6 months and will see if they can do surgery to help give me more time but unsure at this point, and to be honest I didnt ask many questions I was angry. Yet another thing, God please don’t take my eyes.

Today in church right in the middle of communion my right eye just blanked out on me and all I saw was blurs of things. I raised my hands and praised God, and felt every bit if anger leave me. My confidence shouldn’t be in my eyes, shouldn’t be in what my legs, my hands, my stomach, but in God. He has sustained me this far, and I trust He will continue, if I have my eyes or not. As of right now my right eye is still a blurry mess of things, and I cant make out fine details with my left one but I can see. I am thankful because like the song we sang this morning “not for a minute was I forsaken”. We got this and onward we go down whatever road God leads us, because on that road He is refining us all.

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