Church was so amazing on Sunday and I am still in awe with how relevant that sermon was to my life. I have two doctors that I am working with that are fighting to get me better treatment. Two Dr’s who are living this verse right in front of me, 2 Dr’s that have no idea that they are changing lives, and take no credit for it. My cardiologist Dr Judge at MUSC has reached out to Dr. Polydefkis my neurologist at John Hopkins after hours, Dr Judge has emailed me after hours, talked to me on Saturday’s, has seen me and not billed me, has gone above and beyond. Dr. Polydefkis has seen me today with no charge, doing a biopsy no charge.

Neither one of these Dr’s know me, have no relation to me, but it is their heart. My visit today was emotional and draining. To relive my dad’s journey to go over my symptoms and know how this will play out. Some days I forget the end result isn’t the end on this earth. Some days I get disappointed in life ending earlier then I thought, that I forget that God had a plan for my life before I was formed in the womb, my timeline was just that mine, never His. While I covet prayers, I also ask that you pray for these two Dr’s, who have blessed me more then they will ever know. I pray for their hearts and how they care and go above ad beyond to fight the insurance for me to get me on the best medicine there is to slow this disease down.

Today I am tired, today I rest in God because I know its not me, never will be me that pushes me forward. Today I rejoice in not only the Dr’s that have been placed in my life but my friends that are there to walk this journey with me. It’s not easy, and many times they ave expressed they dont know what to say, just be you! Today I am thankful for these 2 Dr’s and I ask that you pray for them.

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