We are still waiting to hear about the results from the biopsy. I am still holding a lot of fluid, and sleep doesnt come very easy. Talked to Dr. Judge last night and we are going to try a new water pill to try and get this fluid off. I am tired, and part of that is my heart is working overtime to try and help do a job that it just can’t do. He explained we will try this new pill but if it doesnt work, he will be admitting me. Because he is so far away, he has no local privileges here, so it would mean a hospital stay in Charleston until all the fluid is off. I am praying that this new water pill works, this is one of my favorite times of year and I want to experience it with my family and friends. Today I am exhausted on a whole different level, breathing is a bit harder today then it was yesterday my new meds should be here by this afternoon, they had to order it.

Hopefully it brings not only relief but a stay out of the hospital. A praise, Dr. Judge wanted me to go for blood work, I am a hard stick but they got me on the first one!! Woot woot! For now I am going to rest on the sofa and watch Christmas movies! Hopefully hear soon about the biopsy Dr. Judge said he was going to reach out this today and see where they were with it.

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