Today I sat in my living room and cried for almost an hour, not because of Amyloidosis, not because of anything to do with me, but others around me. I have the hardest time asking for help, I have an even harder time accepting help, and today and last week the choice wasn’t even given to me. Last week we were gifted tickets to the Billy Graham Library, dinner and a carriage ride for tomorrow, tickets already bought so there was not an option to say no thank you. I stood in the middle of the hallway at church bawling like a baby, because it touched my heart so much, and because I just struggle so much accepting gifts. Today another gift was given, and I cried, I cried because these are not just gifts, but I could tell their heart and it humbled me so much. Thank you doesnt even come close to what my heart feels, because I know the prayers that are going up for my family and I. I know the love that my family and I are experiencing and I know the family that is being created. As I am sitting down and writing this I am crying all over again. There is nothing special about me, I am not doing anything but walking a path God has laid out for me, and I am stumbling and fumbling along, it is only because of Him that I am moving forward. It is really about the people He has placed in my life to walk this with me, those are the special people, the prayer warriors, the ones that I can just unload and be real with, the ones that just shower my family with love, and the ones that are ok with my bad days. That is what is inspiring, that is what is collecting the crowns in heaven. I am forever grateful, words will never be able to describe the gratitude beaming from my heart……YOU ALL inspire me!

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