A friend sent me a text saying she wanted to get me this shirt, and I looked at it, and tears filled my eyes, because yes, and if not HE IS STILL GOOD. I want my boys to understand that, and I try as I struggle, as I stumble, as my stomach revolts I want them to see that HE IS STILL GOOD. If anything comes out of this Amyloidosis, I want them to see that life may not be the way we expect it, but that was our expectations not God’s, Last night in our study I said its like I took my crayons and made a drawing of how my life was to be, and then showed God and He was like nice picture now put the crayons away and follow my path. I just had my appointment with my family dr, Dr. Judge had send her a message about doing a diabetes medicine that was also good for the heart, so she is going to call it in. The issue maybe its new and we have seen how my insurance loves to pay for medicine. So we will see how that goes. Either way I plan on having the best Christmas, lots of memories, lots of pictures, and lots of family time.

Thank you for walking this journey with me, and I pray that you are blessed abundantly this Christmas season, I pray that as you walk the path that God has laid out for you, you see His hand in it all. I know that while I am in the valley right now, I can see flowers He has planted along the way, and it gives me time to breath and refocus my eyes on Him, because if not HE IS STILL GOOD!

Merry Christmas!

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