January 2, I tested positive for Covid. I had read before that Covid and Amyloidosis don’t play very nice together and I was able to witness that first hand. I ended up in the virtual Hospital where they send a paramedic to your house each day and a nurse calls 2 times a day and your visit with the dr is while the paramedics were here. I was on oxygen and went to the ER as a cardiac rush while Brad had to just drop me off. But I know its prayers that got me here, off oxygen and starting to get better. My lungs still feel very tired, and I get winded so easy now and that part is very frustrating. I see the dr tomorrow to make sure all is still going well, and follow up with Judge in February. It hasn’t been an easy road, but we most certainly weren’t alone.

We were quarantined for 2 weeks, and had so many friends drop things off for us, that it still amazes me. We had/have so many people praying that it’s overwhelming the love we feel. Tonight I am going to be on an Amyloidosis advisory board and am super excited that I was able to heal enough to still participate. I pray that I can show how God has weaved in and out of this Amyloidosis journey, and put a face to this disease. Onward we go…..

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