Yesterday we went back to church and this song was sung, and I was in tears because YES!

“Though my hearts been beaten and broken, I am stronger today in your love, it has bent my knees and now my hands are open, and I will thank you for all you’ve done!”

I know Friday I didn’t get the news I wanted, and I could sit here and worry about what my heart is doing but what will that solve? I pray that no matter what, my walk with Amyloidosis will show Christ, I pray I live out my legacy statement as a wife, mama, women, friend who loved Jesus with ALL her heart. I pray that when I am doing this Advisory boards, and interviews for Amyloidosis that I show Jesus. I pray that I love out the shirt that one of my favorite nurses ordered for us, that if not….HE IS STILL GOOD!

Yesterday was hard, I went to church and then went to walmart for 7 items and I was so tired I couldn’t even move. Today I am better then yesterday but haven’t dont anything yet except study but thats more then I was able to do for the past 3 weeks. Covid is a yo yo ride for sure, and then add in the Amyloidosis and its like a perfect storm.

I hope this song blesses you as much as it did me!

Faithful by fellowship Creative

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