I have to remind myself of this, that this is only a little while and the best is yet to come. Appointment today with Dr. Judge and I can’t wait, and hoping we have some answers. Was up at 4 this morning with chest pains, my chest feels like its always in a state of being squeezed and lately I have this sharp pain that comes and goes but when it comes it takes my breath away. Today my mood matches the rain, I am just down, I am just tired, and dont know how I can keep fighting. I am tired. I am always praying that God shows me what He wants to do, I want to make sure on this walk I am sharing His story. When it comes to insurance does He want me to sit back and trust His plan, does He want me to go public make some noise and try and make a change. Appointment is at 1, please pray that he has good news for me, pray that I know the direction to go. Pray that I finish the race with grace….

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