God’s timing is perfect, and while I may not always understand it, I can trust that His timing is perfect! Tuesday the 9th last minute everyone had something come up except my sister for Bible study. I was in a bad place, I couldn’t see in front of me, and God knew that and knew no one could I express these chapters the way they needed to be in the place I was. I thought I was just being pushed deeper in the valley, but no God was helping me in that moment get out I just couldn’t see. Fast forward to this past Tuesday when we were going over this very chapter, the whole study I could feel God nudging me. Jeremiah was beaten, mocked, had no friends, and yet he wasn’t going to give up giving praises to God for who He was not the circumstances he was facing, he was not about to stop giving the message no matter how much he hurt because God’s Word is like a fire to him!! God knew that last Tuesday I couldn’t see that, I wouldn’t receive that, but this Tuesday it sparked a fire inside of me.

God is the same no mater what my circumstances are. These past two days have been hard, I hurt all over, my legs, arms, and stomach are swelling and I can’t see to find relief to the pain. I am not sure where God and I are going to go with this Amyloidosis journey but I know He won’t leave me nor I Him because His Word is in my heart like a fire! I am so thankful for the people that He has placed in my life, I am so thankful that when I beg Him to not have people come talk to me, they do anyway, I am thankful that my friends know me..and know when I am stuck and just keep poking me to keep going! I am thankful I can see colors again, I am thankful that my heart can smile again. Nothing has changed my heart is still significantly declined in a year, and I am in pain where I want to cut my legs off to make it stop, but I am walking this valley I am no longer in the pit looking down and what a wonderful feeling this is! I pray it over everyone that no matter what you are facing you can see Him in it, and if you cant “SEE’ Him in it you can feel that He is working, and His words are true! Onward we go……

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