2 years ago, I had trouble with the ladder in the pool so Brad built a deck to help out, at that time we had no idea it was Amyloidosis. Last year even with the deck, the ladder was too much at times, and I barely used the pool. This is one of the Mother’s Day gifts that Brad got me, and at first I was so upset. So upset at the money that went out to get them, and so upset that accommodations needed to be made yet again for me. It is easy to stay there, it is easy to look at the left side is what I call it, but if we stop the right side is full of beauty. I am thankful that we were able to afford them, I am thankful that the store had them, and I am thankful that my legs are still able to walk in and out of the pool with the steps. My daily prayer is that God has me look at the right more and more, and the left just seems to fade away. Laughs were had in this pool, and I am so thankful. So many laughs were missed last year because my legs wouldn’t do the ladder.

Tuesday wonderful friends of ours stopped by before study to bring me a prayer shawl. It was one of the most beautiful things. To know a stranger prayed for me while making this. Then to think back to Revelation 5:8b “each one had a hard and they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of God’s people.” To think that our prayers are filling heaven, how amazing is that!!

Today is a rough day. Last week it felt like I ran a marathon and then my heart rate would go high for no reason at all. The past few days my heart rate is super low, and I am so tired that I fall asleep in a moment. I don’t know what’s going on, is it lasting Covid issues, is it the heart, all I know is today is rough. But I am still looking at the right and all the blessings that are there.

Today I encourage everyone to laugh more, enjoy the sunshine, smile at a stranger, and just feel the love of those around you! I know I am, and you can find me poolside sitting on these steps that help me and my family all have fun together!

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