Today has been rough. When I take the water pills I am trapped in the house, and I was doing good, so I slimmed down on doing them. Well I swelled up where I feel like my skin is going to burst. I also rally buckled back down on my way of eating, and my heart just went nuts. I have been having trouble with my heart rate being high just sitting here, today my head hurt so bad that I got sick, and my heat rate was down to 48 for about 3 hours, I felt like death. I reached out to my dr and apparently I am just a prisoner to the house for awhile because I cant stop talking the water pills right now and diet wise we had some conversations. I felt angry, like I am trying to do things right and them boom told no we can’t do it that way it’s too much for the heart.

But like I have always said God plants flowers when we need it the most. I was down and out. I got an email from the Advisory board I was just on and they want to work with me on 2 upcoming projects. First they want to fly out here and film my testimony of living with Amyloidosis and use it for training and also for their website. They also want me to do a virtual meeting with their team on things that I think they can be doing better, what’s frustrating for me and how they can help. I am so excited that God is using this, for His glory and that I get to see it first hand! Amyloidosis is horrible, it’s dark, but God keeps bringing His light into it and I am so humbled to have a front row seat to see what He is doing.

So today has been rough, but He has held me each step, and wept with me. His timing, His plan, use me Lord!

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