I am reminding myself moment by moment of this today. I am so thankful that for those 7 hours of filming and dinner that my body didnt revolt. That I was able to enjoy the moment and share His story.

Today has been hard, my whole right hand is numb and has been since 3 in the morning, its that pain numb where it feels like it’s waking up but never fully does. I was in tears last night because my legs hurt and I thought my heart was going to explode.

Hard to believe but when the pain gets that bad I get snippy and I am thankful for a husband who rolls with it, and tries his hardest to get me out of that moment.

This is not the end…focus on what is coming and not where we are.

My day will be floating in the pool, and working on finishing my bucket list, we have things to do and things to see!

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