This verse really convicted me last night. It was another bad night, the pain, numbness, and the stumbling are just a lot to take. Then I was reminded of this, the Israelites forgot how God parted the Red Sea, how God saved them from the plagues in Egypt, how God sent manna down from the sky. As soon as they were up against something they forgot it all.

God had my body working perfectly for 7 hours so I could tell His story, He has set me up with an amazing church, amazing friends, and has been with us each step of the way providing in ways we never even knew we needed. Yet as soon as my body revolts I got back to why, I forgot.

It is something that I need to continue to work on, stop being in this moment, stop forgetting all that has been done, and will be done. Walk in faith that He has this, that He has me, that there is a point to all this. Continue to work, t press ahead. Wednesday we have another opportunity to tell His story and I know without a doubt that for those few hours, He will let my body rest.

Praying we all remember…praying this verse is etched in my heart so when I forget I am quickly reminded. It may feel bad, it may look bad, but He has it all in His hand!

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