Yesterday was..amazing! First we had the viral video shoot, this one was a bit more censored so am anxious to see how it turns out. Brad also had a caregiver interview and I think we learned so much about each other and this walk yesterday when we were completely open and honest. After that we rushed to Rock Hill to Glencairn Gardens to take photos. The boys had a great time, it was so much fun! We have never had professional photos taken, so this was a great experience.

But the best part was how God showed up, and then how I could ask the boys this morning and they could tell me the ways was even better.

I woke up yesterday and my stomach was revolting against me, with Amyloidosis it happens and when it does it’s usually a day thing and can get pretty bad. It hurt all the way up until the video shoot and was fine till right when we left dinner on the way home it came back. God removed it for that time and I am so thankful!

We parked at Glencairn Gardens at the top by the big house, and walked down to the fountain area, which was hard, but we did it. One the way back I was not going to make it my legs were giving out, and my heart was about to explode, and all of a sudden there was a golf cart to take us back to the car! Thank you God! Bradley and Jacob were walking with the photo people and then Jacob decided he was going to chase the golf cart, that was the funniest thing ever, if you know Jacob he doesn’t like to run, but man he kept up and laughed.

All day long the weather was sunny and hot, as we were driving to the photo shoot, it was pouring down rain. This photographer flew in from Chicago and then the rep from the company flew in from California so it wasn’t going to be easy to reschedule. We pull up and it stops, no more rain. Once again God just showed out!

It is always amazing to look back and see God’s hand weaving in and out, and yesterday I was in awe how much He is in this. I pray that this work we have done, brings glory to Him, brings awareness to Amyloidosis, and helps someone out. I can not wait to see the videos and the photos.

Today I am pool floating and playing games with the boys, my body is hurting but I would do it all over again to see God work, for my boys to see God move.

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