This! There is a fine balance between the two and I have failed to find it so far. My sister has been down for her yearly summer visit and we have been going and doing project after project. Monday when we were in the Hobby Lobby and my right leg went numb all the way up my whole leg. Yesterday I woke up and I had a resting heart rate of 146 and was struggling to breath. I doubled my water pill, but still was struggling. After talking to my dr, he said that I was doing too much, and my heart isn’t able to handle all that I have been doing.

Today I am resting, tomorrow I am resting because Saturday Brad and I will be renewing our vows! This wasn’t something that we planned years ago, this wasn’t something that we ever thought we would do, but God was very loud about us doing this, for the boys to see. Amyloidosis has taken so much from us, and changed our lives so much, and still is that I want the boys to see love is more then a word, but an action, and that with God anything is possible. That’s my vision, so I can’t imagine what God is planning on doing!

Lucy 7.5 years ago gave me a cross, and thats what started my relationship journey with Jesus. Scott her husband will be officiating the renewal, we will be doing communion, it will be on the beach under the pier with one of God’s greatest creation as our backdrop!

Working on the bucket list, can not wait, so if the dr says rest, rest I will so I can be 100% for this!

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