This boys are such good kids! Praise God I am losing fluid but losing it fast, it has left me pretty weak, and very tired. We went into to the pool this morning, floating wore me out so we got out, was walking down the deck stairs and it was hard I was focusing on each step. I got down to the ground and about fell. Bradley usually locks the pool up but he said I will walk with you to the house in case you fall. Jacob finishes putting the toys up and comes up next to me, Bradley looks at Jacob and says “ you got mama?” Jacob says “I got mama” and then Bradley runs to lock the pool up. I pray that if I ever fall where they try and stop it that God gives them super strength or they will be so sad. Love their hearts….thats what I am focusing on their hearts, that Amyloidosis is shaping their hearts. Hoping tomorrow I gain some strength back because this is getting old.

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