Monday was scary for ALL involved, but as we look back we can see God’s hand all over it.

I woke up with chest pain, all in my left side. I tried to ignore it, carry on with life but it wasn’t going away. I called my family dr she was off, so I figured I could hold off till she got in Tuesday. The pain got worse, I was afraid I was having a heart attack, my heart rate was high, blood pressure was high and the pain was making me stop in my tracks. I emailed my old nurse to find out a good urgent care to go to she wanted me to call 911.

I called Michelle to see if she can get the boys and I was going to drive to urgent care. She came over had the boys outside and I was in the car ready to go. She took one look at me and said I wasn’t driving myself. (I know I am stubborn ) She was taking me and apparently I went limp and passed out for a few seconds, she then called 911 as she was driving, and told me my car went up to 120 miles an hour to get me to urgent care for the ambulance to get me.

I don’t remember much, I was in pain, it was as if once I knew my boys were handled I just gave into the pain. Michelle was able to give medical history fill out forms, and call Brad who just went on lunch and was texting me to find out where I was since my car was gone, and Michelles car was here.

With Covid hospitals are so far backed up, so the ambulance was taking me to CMC main, Brad got there just in time, and the whole ride I kept focusing on the car behind me praying…

I was given 3 does of fentanyl, 5 does of nitroglycerin, and my heart rate was still high, blood pressure still high, and the pain was just unbearable.

At the hospital Brad couldn’t come in, and that was scary, he had no idea how I was, I was afraid of what was happening, i just kept praying, and praying, the only words I could say were just help me God, just help me.

What they think happened was called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, with the thickening blood wasn’t able to get through, by the time we got to the ER they placed me on oxygen I was at 86.

I know I had so many friends praying, and between MIchelle, and Lucy my boys and dog were taken care of. I am so thankful that they are more then friends and I should never say that I do not have family here, because they are.

I have an appointment tuesday (8/17) at 11:45 and we will see more of what we are going to do, But I am on bedrest right now. My sister is flying down today to help me, and I am so thankful for friends that made that happen.

While yesterday was scary, we saw God’s hand. Brad was coming home at the right time, to be able to follow the ambulance. Michelle was home to be able to drive me and take care of the boys. As much traffic there was on 77 Brad was always right behind my focus point to keep fighting.

Prayers are much appreciated as we heal from yesterday, and learn what this all means for us.

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