This is Jacob’s prayer box that we made about 3 years ago, when all of a sudden he was afraid of the dark and would not sleep. It hasn’t been used by him much, he has been having trouble in school, and I was wondering if what we are teaching is even sticking some days.

When I was in his room yesterday I asked what happened to this paper, he said that he used it Sunday night when we came home from church and I had my heart episode to write a prayer for me and put it in his box. My heart exploded! God knew my heart needed to see and hear that.

God and I have been meeting about Sunday, still asking why there, a place where I didn’t want Amyloidosis to touch, but it did. Brad told me that I was placing limits on God, He can have Amyloidosis here, but not there, and if I am being honest I was. This is one of the hardest walks I think I have ever done, finding the balance of God can and even if, living and resting, and being a light for Him.

As much as I never wanted Amyloidosis to enter church, I can look back and see God’s hand in it, the church was almost cleared (I think), the boys had someone to distract them which was awesome, and Brad wasn’t alone. It’s a scary thing when it happens for all involved and I am praying we can figure out the before so it doesn’t happen again. I am ever so thankful for all that helped me that night, I am in awe of having a front row seat of the sermons coming to life. And it meant so much to my boys, the impact I pray will last forever. We do a Bible plan each day, and Bradleys prayers each day since Sunday is thanking God for Liberty and those who were there to help.

Judge is glad that I am coming to Charleston next month, because he is concerned that I went so low and then shot up, I have been the high one, never dropping low, so we have some testing that was already lined up to get done. We will be there for Bradleys birthday so looking for some fun things to do after.

Right now I am super swollen, blood sugar is hanging out in the 600’s (I finally have an endocrinologist appointment one Wednesday), and am still tired but we are moving forward. I am thankful that God is still showing me flowers in this valley…..

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