We are very transparent with our boys, and especially when it comes to the power of prayer. For so long I have wanted this peace and freedom, for so long I saw this barrier that I never knew how to cross. I knew once I crossed it there would be this peace, this calmness in this walk, this freedom.

I experienced it on Tuesday and it was one of the most amazing feelings I ever felt. I have prayed since that I won’t forget it. Sunday at the vision meeting I was begging God to help me, this appointment had me worried, I didn’t know if I could take bad news. I cried all the way to Charleston, for many reason, here we were once again traveling because of me and my medical needs, here we were more money going out because of me and my medical needs, it was hard to not feel like a burden. I was tired, just tired of it all. Monday came the test was done and it was Bradleys birthday so the focus was on that. Monday night I barely slept not because of worry but I was so swollen it was just hard to breath. So I listened to sermons, music and prayed.

Tuesday morning texts kept coming in with prayers from my friends. I walked into the appointment with peace that I couldn’t explain. I was going to be OK no matter where God was going to take me. I could FEEL the prayers of people, it wasn’t just a text saying they were I felt them walking into the office. God was so present that day, in that room. All the way home, the music was loud I was praising and praying because I wanted to know if I was happy just because of the news of stable, would I have been ok if it went the other way. If we go back in march and it’s different will I still be ok? God and I had a nice long talk about what does He want me to do now? Where does He want me to go.

This walk can be hard, because while the disease right now is stable, there is still so much damage done, and I am so swollen right now, but in all that I want to be obedient to Him, and where He wants me to go, so I am working on that.

The boys once we told them were excited that prayers were answered with the news of it being stable, but thats not true, the real answered prayer was the peace that God gave BEFORE the appointment. If I could sit in that moment of peace, that moment of pure love, that moment of feeling the prayers of people. It still brings tears to my eyes. There is so much power in prayer, and so often it is the last thing we ever do.

I am thankful Amyloidosis is stable right now, and I am ready, ready to keep walking home the path that He has put out for me.

For now we are on a 2 week water pill regime. He said that I take the pills then I stop, then I gain so much fluid and am trapped at home. So fo 2 weeks I am to take them everyday and he said my body will get used to them so that I won’t be stuck at home and can take them everyday. But for now trapped….but I lost 10 pounds already today and I can already breath better so thats a plus!

Prayer is so powerful….lets pray for one another, really lift people up, because that feeling I had I pray everyone experiences it……..

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