Yesterday I felt defeated, I felt pressed on every side. I was told to lose 20 pounds of fluid, and I did. Homebound but I did. Then my heart went crazy. I would be sitting here and my heart rate was 136, and my heart was fluttering like I had 5 energy drinks. Wednesday night I was for sure I was not going to wake up, my heart was just racing and hurt, I cried out to God that this was too much. I was so tired of battling this body over and over and over. I wake up and Jacob is WAY OFF, then Bradley goes to Michelles and at recess he is jumping on the trampoline and is about to fall and his face catches him on the metal poles of the trampoline. He is not one to cry, but he cried out. I went to get him his face was swollen, his head hurt. Went to the dr, they think his nose is broken, and he has a mild concussion. Went to get an X-ray the place we went to was not doing them, I had groceries to pick up, so flew to get them, then my stomach was like now is a great time to revolt. Then went to the hospital to get his X-ray done. We are waiting to hear the results from that. Learned that if it is broken the ENT won’t see him for 5 days after the accident to allow swelling to go down. Today I have a dr appointment at 2:30 and I am already worn out physically but spiritually I am renewed.

Yesterday I wrote that life has been a whirlwind, and today I got a sweet message from a friend of these verses. That she is in the middle of reading job and she saw my post. What an encouragement! While my life is a whirlwind, God will answer, He will answer THEN……

Bradley is grounded, and we are trying something new with him regarding punishment. He knew that he shouldn’t be doing recess, we did not say anything and wanted to see when he would. While I hate seeing him hurt, and it broke my mam heart to pieces, he was in a place he shouldn’t be and in that whirlwind just maybe God got through….

I was dreading my appointment today, but I am not because out of my whirlwind I know God will answer me, I know God will speak.

I have the most amazing friends, who I know are praying for me, and I am loved by God who will walk with me through each storm, who will give me strength when I think I can not go on anymore.

Friends I pray that in your whirl wind you hear God answer, in the mist of all the mess and noise that you hear Him.

Thankful for these verses today…..listening for God in my whirlwind….

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