Miracle-a surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of divine intervention 

I know I have friends praying for a miracle as I am. I know we view a miracle as my healing on earth, and if I am not healed on earth that  doesn’t mean that there was not a miracle that was performed. Know that I will be dancing and praising with my people in the presence of Jesus and completely healed and that’s what we are ALL praying for. 

Last week we got the news that the disease is still progressing, my heart is very much struggling. Normally that would take me to a very dark place, and I would sit there for a while. But God! God had already had things set up for me to focus on what I HAVE rather than what I am losing. 

  • The  day after I got the news and posted it, I had a precious friend message me, and tell me because of this walk, she is reading her Bible, something she never did before. How can I be mad at what I am losing if it helps someone else. Why would I be over them? He is using this.
  • 3 of my precious friends and I had already set up to have dinner last night, no kids just us laughing the night away. And boy did we laugh! A man from the other table laughed with us. We were having such a great time! It was nice to be me, no Amyloidosis, just me. 
  • My sister is flying down Friday for a week (woohoo!)
  • God placed in my heart to do a ladies Easter Devotional on 4/12 and as much as I was fighting Him on it, we are doing it and there is work to do to get ready.  Consider this your invite it is at my house, starts at 6 dinner will be served, come as you and see God move. As many excuses as I gave to NOT do it, and He kept telling me TO do it, I am excited!
  • Brad sang this past Sunday and the praise and worship team was on fire!!! Waymaker was sung, and Matt came up after and was talking about like the song God is always working even if we don’t feel it. I felt a tug at my heart because before we went to church I was not “feeling” God I was feeling the loss of what I perceived as the best plan. 
  • Because Brad sings we stay for a bit into the next service and leave after he sings. We sit in the back so we don’t disturb anyone when we leave.  A dear sweet friend came and sat on the ledge with me, arms linked and we both cried. No words were needed. It was so special to me because I felt like in that moment, she and I were going to Jesus with tears, and it said more than any words we could have uttered. I also didn’t feel like I needed to pretty things up, I could just let it go. 

I say all this because God had it all worked out. When I didn’t feel Him working He was, when I can’t see it, He is there in all the details. I am so thankful. I say all this because I know we are praying for a miracle, but sometimes that isn’t total healing on earth, it’s the little things that happen, it’s the things that He sets up for us. It’s my flowers in the valley. Bradley had a game on Saturday and it was painful and frustrating to me. Sometimes I look at my legs and I think I can will them to  work better, will them to move faster, but we know that doesn’t work. But Brad was there to catch me when I was falling, and Bradley could look up in the stands and see his mama cheering him on.  The boys are watching, watching how we react, watching friends come up and link arms and cry with us, watching how Brad just heard that his wife’s heart is worse and then get up and praise God at church. Watching how we lean more into Jesus then pull away. I pray that when they hit their hard they do the same. Lean into Jesus….Because He is a WAYMAKER, PROMISE KEEPER, LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS………He has me and He has YOU! 

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