This verse couldn’t be more true! I know I am sitting here typing this because of praying friends, friends who drove up to visit, friends who dropped of sweet flowers and a fly swatter to hit Satan with, friends who texted, and friends who sat with me in the dark but refused to let me stay there.

It has been a hard two weeks, I am still very much in the valley but I can see light piercing through, I can see the mountain again. I am walking forward instead of sitting.

Yesterday Brad sung with the praise band, and it reminded me of him praising God in the storm, and our Pastor told us to put whatever is going on in life outside for 45 minutes, and I did just that. I raised my hand and I sung to the One who never forsake me, even though I was stomping my feet mad.

Today is double the one a week water pills, I am told I will be housebound for at least 3 days as this fluid comes off. I also fell again yesterday so while I am sitting here really need to look into scooters, electric riding things like has been told I need to do.

I know God is in that too, because a sweet friend came up to me yesterday at church and told me she had a dream about me. I was in a wheelchair and she was pushing me and saw a mud pit, she jumped on the back and we went mud slinging and had the best time. I know that is God saying that it will be ok, just do it. He is still very much working on that with me.

In just 32 days we have one HUGE thing to cross off my bucket list and I need all the energy to be able to safely do that.

Prayers for these next 3 days that the pills work and I can get some relief. So thankful for the people God has placed in my life.

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