I am a 43 year old, wife, mother, and Amyloidosis fighter. I have been with my husband Brad for half of my life, and we have such great times together. We adopted 2 biological brothers in 2013 and they have brought such JOY to our lives. Our oldest is Bradley who is 11 and my youngest is Jacob and he is 10. In 2009 my dad was diagnosed after many tests, and lots of biopsy’s with Hereditary Amyloidosis or ATTR. The gene mutation he had was ALA60 or ALA80, unfortunately at the time of his diagnosis there were no treatments available and he sadly passed away from this disease 1/27/2010. In march of 2020 after about a year of symptoms and no diagnosis I was diagnosed with ATTR. At this time there are treatments to slow the progression down, but we are still awaiting for a cure. The good thing about adoption is that my boys won’t have to worry about me passing this down to them. I am currently receiving treatment, but in hopes to acquire better treatment. It is a daily struggle, but I hope my boys see a mama who never gives up. I hope they see Jesus in me and a hope that can only come from Him. Follow me as we walk this life together!