I know God has a plan, and there is a reason my appointment is out so long, and no treatment has begun yet, I just have to trust that plan, Lord I am trying! The past few days have been rough, I am swelling up, where water pills aren’t doing too much to help with that. My legs and hands are going numb more often and I am dropping things more then I can count. Last night I was in a lot of pain with the sleeping legs. Its the half sleep half awake that just doesnt stop, and the heat isnt helping the swelling, I honestly thought they might just pop open. Wouldn’t that be something! I spent most of my day studying and preparing for our study on Tuesday and I think that it is so amazing how God meets me each time in Revelation, out of all the books of the Bible He meets me there. I don’t know why that shocks me, He meets you right where you are, you just have to be willing. I am thankful for friends, because some days I just crawl into a hole, but its at those times God uses them to give me a nudge, just a simple text. Life takes you through seasons, and while I don’t know what this season will look like, I am ok with that. I am learning to trust that God is already there making a way for me. Be still and know……praying for some relief today, praying that God meets me again and we can chat for awhile. Praying he keeps me in this peace…because it is the most wonderful feeling I have ever experienced!

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