I love how God met me yesterday to lift me up when I was about to sink! I have these purplish blotches on my left foot, and yesterday I noticed it’s now on my right foot. My dad had purple blotches all over, I don’t know the medical term for it but it has to do with Amyloidosis and the skin. For a moment my peace was shaken, I couldn’t stop seeing my dads battle. I have a prayer journal and in there yesterday I put down that Brad be a witness for God at work. He comes home at lunch and tells me about this conversation that a bunch is then had about God! What! That’s what I prayed I said! Isn’t God just amazing! Then during a study I was working on it had me look up Jeremiah 29:11 I know that verse I said to myself, and later when I worked in my journal there was that verse at the bottom of the page! It was as if God was saying “ I know, I see them too but I am still in control, I haven’t left, lean on me”. It may seem simple but to me my peace was restored. I can even laugh how God met me with purple blotches!

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